Hardig Industrial offers a variety of epoxy, urethane, MMA, sealed and polished concrete floors to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a decorative floor that will hold up to high traffic or polished concrete for aesthetics and cleanability — we have solutions for your facility.

Setting the industry standard

In contrast with more conventional flooring options such as tile or concrete, the epoxy flooring options are chemically engineered to offer a wide array of advantages, including being fluid-applied for a nearly seamless, monolithic surface.

Some advantages of this include:

  • Hygiene / Cleanability
  • Durability
  • Fast turn around
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • Environmental Impact
  • Exceptionally abrasion-resistant, high-traffic topcoats
  • Impressive impact and puncture resistance
  • Customizable slip resistance, balanced with easy cleanability
  • No waxing, no repolishing, reduced maintenance requirements
  • Excellent resistance to cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
  • Wide selection to match existing or new decor
  • Custom colors, blends, floor markings and logos
  • Antimicrobial properties available
  • A variety of concrete epoxy floor coating systems to choose from
  • Beautiful, safe and durable flooring value

How Can We Help?

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