Pharmaceutical floor and wall coatings are designed for a highly sterile, anti-microbial environment ideal for clean rooms, labs, research and manufacturing plants.

Hardig pharmaceutical flooring: One less variable to worry about

When the pharmaceutical industry is testing, formulating and manufacturing new or existing drugs, it is essential that your facility flooring and wall systems are seamless, dust free and sanitary. Resinous systems must comply with Pharmaceutical health, hygiene and safety standards.

A pharmaceutical concrete floor must be easy to clean, crack and crevice free, and resistant to sanitizing chemicals. A resinous floor will provide durability and long lasting wear including:

  • GMP and FDA compliance
  • Anti-microbial control
  • Chemical resistance
  • Slip resistant
  • ESD, anti-static

Resinous flooring systems such as epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylic are typically fluid-applied, often in combination with a variety of aggregates, in multiple layers to achieve the desired thickness and texture. Depending on the specific needs of the facility, options can be selected to provide high impact, abrasion, chemical, and thermal shock resistance, as well as static control. With moderate installation costs and minimal required maintenance, when compared to other options, resinous flooring systems can provide the best life cycle value over the long term.

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