In most production facilities, floors are subject to impact and abrasions as things are dropped, spilled and dragged around on the floor, creating a potential safety hazard in the process. The repair costs can be high, especially when you factor in that you may have to shut down the line at an inopportune time. Epoxy flooring is a great option when needing to protect your concrete substrate from impact, abrasion or chemical damage.

Setting the industry standard

An industrial floor treated with an epoxy also is easy to clean, helps to minimize dusting, can increase the reflectiveness of your lighting, and presents a positive image for your facility.

  • Brighten work spaces
  • Provide a slip-resistant surface for workers
  • Protect structural integrity of concrete slab by preventing absorption of chemicals, acids and caustics
  • Offer impact protection from heavy loads
  • Impart high tolerance for heavy wear and tear
  • Delineate traffic flow, aisle ways and work areas
  • Prevent “concrete dusting,” easing strain on air filtration systems
  • Make floors easier to clean
  • Can reduce the amount of electricity necessary to illuminate an area
  • Make building interiors more attractive for employees and visitors

Whatever the application, we can provide you with the worry-free flooring you need to get back to work fast:

  • Slip-resistant options for increased safety
  • EPA registered antimicrobial protection for hygiene-sensitive product manufacturing, restrooms, locker rooms and more
  • Static and spark reduction flooring systems
  • Thermal shock and steam-cleanable floors
  • Elastomeric systems to help absorb machine vibration
  • Moisture-mitigating systems for slab-on-grade flooring

How Can We Help?

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