The protection of walls in harsh environments is important and often regulated. Our wall systems protect the substrate from bacterial growth, gouging, scrapes and chips that can be caused from normal wear and tear, constant washing, and heavy abuse. We specialize in reinforced, and fiberglass reinforced hygienic wall systems from multiple manufacturers.

Hygienic Wall coatings are most used in production areas, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical plants, hospitals, and clean room environments. Hygienic wall coatings are best used when your facility needs the following:

  • Sanitation: coatings that stand up to frequent wash downs with a wide variety of chemicals and detergents
  • Non-Porous Surface: coatings provide a protective barrier to extend the life of concrete, masonry and drywall from water, and chemicals
  • Impact Resistance: Wall coatings aid in the impact resistance from abuse from carts, equipment, and people

Hardig Industrial has provided wall coatings in many Pharmaceutical and Food and beverage facilities over the years.

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