Urethane Concrete flooring is growing in popularity due to its durability, chemical and temperature resistance, and moisture insensitivity. Urethane concrete is a staple offering at Hardig Industrial Services and our crews are proficient in the installation process.

These industrial concrete floor coatings and toppings provide excellent chemical, impact, abrasion, and thermal-shock resistance. Urethane concrete systems are ideal for use in areas subject to thermal cycling from hot and cold-water wash downs, such as food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical production areas.

Urethane concrete flooring comes in various thickness options, and textures to meet the varying degrees of needs for your flooring. We can use urethane concrete technology to resurface, to overlay, to slope and even as a moisture mitigation system under other coatings for floor types. It is truly one of the most versatile product installations we offer.

Urethane Concrete floors by Hardig Industrial offer a solution for the following needs and many others:

Chemical Resistance

Slip Resistance

Impact Resistance

Slope to drain

Excessive moisture content “Green Concrete”

Common Installs: Food & Beverage manufacturing, Kitchens, Loading Docks, Heavy manufacturing, Areas with Steel wheeled traffic

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