Industrial epoxy flooring is a mainstay here at Hardig Industrial. We service many different industries and customers installing various types of industrial grade systems.

Many industrial epoxy floors use the same resin type to make an appropriate system for the intended use and environment. At Hardig Industrial we are well versed in the selection and installation of many different resin types and systems.

Some of the core systems we install for industrial environments are:

Thin Film: Thin film coatings are the most economical, typically range in thickness up to 30 mils and are commonly comprised of 2 to 3 coats of epoxy. These general use systems are suitable for foot traffic to light wheeled traffic.

Common Installs: Warehouses, Light Manufacturing, Airplane Hangars, Auto Services

Slurries: Slurries are the most versatile resinous flooring option and are typically installed from 40 mils to 250 mils (1/4 inch) thick. Slurries are suitable for use in wet and dry areas ranging from light duty to heavy duty traffic.

Common Installs: Heavy Duty Warehouses and Manufacturing, Food Prep, Animal Care, Commercial Kitchens.

Mortars: Mortar floors are designed for the heaviest abuse and traffic and are typically installed from 3/16 inch to 3/8 inch. Mortars are used to resurface or slope an existing slab and provide superior durability.

Common Installs: Food & Beverage, Kitchens, Loading Docks, Heavy manufacturing, Areas with Steel wheeled traffic

ESD: ESD floors, also known as Static Dissipative or Conductive floors provide static control inhibiting static electricity on a person or from reaching sensitive equipment. Many industries require ESD floors as a safeguard against potential damage to products, equipment, or possible injury to humans.

Common Installs: Electronics manufacturing, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical

Chemical Resistant: Most epoxies have good chemical resistance. In some cases due to environment, and chemical exposure a more chemical resistant coating is necessary. Hardig Industrial offers the installation of Epoxy Novolacs, Vinyl Esters and Vinyl Ester Novolacs for increased resistance to acidic alkaline chemicals.

Common Installs: Chemical Loading Stations, Plating Lines, Secondary containment, Battery charging stations.

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