Polished concrete floors offer a smooth, decorative, reflective surface with the durability and performance of concrete.

Polished concrete is a multi-step process designed to grind, harden and hone a concrete substrate to a specific aggregate exposure, smoothness and degree of shine (Gloss Level) using planetary, rotary or trowel machines.

The benefits of polished concrete are cost savings, resistance to foot traffic, less maintenance, long service life, resistance to moisture transmission issues, high reflectivity, and aesthetics.

Common areas to polish are: Manufacturing facilities, Warehousing, Distribution, Retail, Hotels, Stadiums and offices.

Hardig Industrial can dry or wet polish. Quality and safety are always a concern when polishing. When dry polishing we always use OSHA approved HEPA vacuums. When wet polishing we use industry approved chemicals to safely process slurry and water.

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