Decorative resinous flooring combines high performance resins with brightly color aggregates such as colored quartz or vinyl flakes that result in sanitary, low maintenance, slip resistant, durable floors. Decorative resinous flooring can be used across many market segments and in almost any facility.

Decorative resinous flooring is most often used in spaces where aesthetics and durability matter such as employee restrooms, locker rooms, breakrooms, laboratories, clean rooms, corridors and lobbies, stadiums etc.

The two most common decorative epoxy floors we install are commonly known as Flake and Quartz floors. Both systems offer aesthetically pleasing colors and designs with finishes that handle the wear and tear of light to heavy traffic.

Decorative resinous flooring can be installed by method of broadcast, slurry and trowel for different system thickness and increase performance characteristics.

At Hardig Industrial we understand what it takes to develop a decorative epoxy flooring solution that meets your expectations and needs.

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